Twelve Instagram Story Ideas

1. Promote a New YouTube Video or Blog Post

Use your stories to help promote new content outside of Instagram. Your story, and the swipe-up feature if you have it, is perfect for driving traffic to new content that you have just released on other platforms such as YouTube and your blog.

2. Share Your Personality

Ok, so this isn’t really an Instagram story idea so much as just general advice.  But, it’s important!  There’s a lot going on in the world and your Instagram story is a great place to speak about the things that matter most to you and likely matter to your audience as well.

3. Introduce New Products

Introduce and tease brand new products or promotions in your Instagram story. One way to do this is by taking a picture of your product and adding a countdown timer. You can find the countdown time when you swipe up while creating your story.  Do this for a few days before the epic reveal of your new product. It will keep people engaged and create anticipation!
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4. Drive Traffic To A New Instagram Post

Notify your followers when you post something new on Instagram! This can lead to more followers and more engagement. And, besides, some of your followers may not even see your new post thanks to the tricky Instagram algorithm.  If you share your new post in your Instagram story, your followers are more likely to see it.

5. Go Live

Going live is a great way to personalize your business and create engagement in real-time. Discuss whatever is on your mind and ask your followers to weigh in. You can even do a Q&A. Users love a live question and answer period because they receive their answers immediately and feel more connected.
If some of your Instagram followers miss your live stream, the broadcast will save on your Instagram story for 24 hours. This will give people a chance to check it out if they missed it earlier.
Instagram Story Ideas

6. Use the Polls Feature

There’s a poll sticker that is offered through Instagram stories.  Users love polls because it makes them feel directly involved in a brand’s decision making. Give users the choice between two options and see what they like!  It’s a great tool for interacting with your followers.

7. Give Other Users a Shoutout

Your story is a great way to give another brand or influencer a shoutout. If they share similar content or they’re just someone that you admire, direct some users to their page. Not every story needs to be self promotion. Share the wealth a little, and in turn they might do the same for you.

8. Share Behind The Scenes Footage

An example of this would be giving people a tour of your office. Whether you’re working from home or you have a physical location, giving people a tour is always a great way to create some engagement. It doesn’t need to be beautifully shot or professional either. If you’re working in your basement with your dog at your feet, and a cup of coffee, show your followers. Personalizing your business makes people feel more connected and makes you look more relatable.

9. Share Testimonials

If you’re selling a product or service, there’s a good chance that you’re going to receive some feedback. Screenshot the best feedback that you receive while tagging the person that provided the feedback and share that to your story.
Users love seeing real reviews made by real people. It gives them more faith in a product or service and increases their chances of purchasing a product.

10. Create A Tutorial

If you’re marketing a product, there’s a good chance that you’re quite confident in your abilities with said product. Depending on what your product is, you can create a tutorial showing your followers how to use your product along with its benefits.
Sharing a tutorial in your IG stories also shows your followers that you are knowledgeable in your area of expertise.  You know what you’re talking about and it reinforces why they should follow you!
Instagram Story Tutorial

11. Share a Before And After Picture

You can create a split screen image showing a before and after on a variety of different things. A new hair cut, a completed project, your artwork or even a new logo reveal!

12. Post Quotes

Your stories don’t always need to be pictures of videos of yourself and your team, you can post quotes and motivational sayings. These are great in the morning and helps your followers to start their day off with some positivity.

And, that’s it for our list!  There are many ways to utilize Instagram stories.  Be sure to take advantage of this powerful engagement tool – and have fun with it!  And, if you’d like to see more useful tutorials and marketing videos, check out the eStoreKings YouTube channel.

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