Ghostwriter AI Tool Saves Time and Sparks Creativity

Tailwind’s all-new AI writing tool, Tailwind Ghostwriter, can help you craft the perfect copy in half the time.
Tailwind Ghostwriter

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We’ve all said it before: there’s just not enough time in the day. But what if there was? 🤔

Tailwind’s all-new AI writing tool, Tailwind Ghostwriter, can help you craft the perfect copy in half the time. Using AI-based technology, this time-saving tool will generate engaging copy for your blog posts, social media captions, email campaigns, product listings, SEO keywords, video scripts, and much more. This tool is a dream come true for small businesses, many of whom cite content writing as a time-consuming and difficult task.

Tailwind Ghostwriter produces natural-sounding content based on your unique creative needs. While there are many AI writing tools out there, let’s have a look at what makes Tailwind Ghostwriter stand out.

Saves You Time

With its easy-to-use workflow, this AI tool generates marketing copy that’s ready to share in mere seconds. You can boost your productivity and up your content creation game by generating copy in half the time.

Plus, while some writing tools require tons of effort and time to figure out, Tailwind Ghostwriter is incredibly user-friendly. Even the most novice user can get up and running in no time!

Combats Writer’s Block

Feeling uninspired or lacking creativity? Anyone who works long days promoting and creating content knows that mental blocks are all too easy to come by. Sometimes, all you need is a friendly nudge in the right direction to pull you out of your funk and back into your zone. By generating more than one content idea – with plenty of options for adjusting your results, Tailwind Ghostwriter can help you find that creative spark you’ve been searching for.

Built For Marketers by Marketers

Unlike most other AI tools, Tailwind Ghostwriter was built by marketing experts who are familiar with today’s best practices. This gives you a solid advantage as you leverage its professional capabilities that are specifically designed to help small businesses thrive online.

In addition to super-charging your content marketing efforts, you can also use your AI-generated copy for ads and other marketing material.

Equips You with a Marketing Advisor Chatbot

Right within the Ghostwriter dashboard, you’ll find a not-so-secret tool: the Marketing Advisor Chatbot. This handy tool can answer any marketing-related questions you may have about blog ideas, tips & tricks as well as general marketing advice.

Social Media Friendly

Tailwind Ghostwriter generates social media copy like Pin descriptions and Instagram captions with ease. Since Ghostwriter can be connected to your social media accounts, it will come up with content that perfectly matches your platform of choice. From proper word counts to algorithm-friendly hashtags, using Tailwind Ghostwriter is like having your own social media marketing assistant!

Maximizes SEO

Tailwind Ghostwriter lets you input keywords, phrases, and CTA’s, helping you generate content that search engines will love. With this AI writing tool, you’re generating keyword-rich copy that ensures that your content is easy to find and ranks higher online.

Offers You Peace of Mind

When you use Tailwind Ghostwriter, you’re freeing up your schedule and your to-do list. Spending less time writing email subject lines and social media captions leaves you with more time in your day. Whether you choose to put this time towards other business needs, creative brainstorming, or some well-deserved time off: that’s time you can gain back thanks to Tailwind Ghostwriter.

Gettings Started with Tailwind Ghostwriter

Now that you’re familiar with some of its many benefits, we invite you to watch the video below to see just how Tailwind Ghostwriter works and how you can get started today with a forever-free plan! 🎉

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