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11 Faceless Niche Ideas For Your YouTube Channel

If you’re just getting started on YouTube, you may be looking for top channel ideas that will make your road to success a little faster. When you scroll through the different videos available on YouTube, it might seem like you need to be on camera to be successful. So many YouTubers are the face of their brand. You can see their picture on every thumbnail, channel header, and more. However, there are many options for making popular and successful YouTube channels without ever showing your face or sharing your identity. If you’d like to stay off-camera but still love creating, here are 11 faceless niche ideas that can help you start and grow a YouTube channel.

Successful Faceless Niche Ideas for YouTube


Tutorial videos are hugely popular because many people are visual learners and enjoy learning a skill when they watch someone else doing it. Written instructions can be hard to follow, especially when you’re learning something new. Tutorial videos can take the viewer through the process step-by-step. You can create tutorials on your computer using screen-capture technology which records what’s happening on your computer’s screen so that viewers can follow along. If you’re okay with your hands being on camera, craft or DIY tutorials are extremely popular and keep your face off-screen.


Cooking and recipe videos are a popular sub-niche of tutorials. You can share your favorite recipes, try new meals, and build your kitchen skills without ever showing your face on your channel. Try a top-mounted camera rig to show your hands and workspace while you’re prepping ingredients. Your cooking technique is the most important part of a cooking video, so you can make successful content without ever showing your face.

Gaming Videos

On video game channels and Let’s Play videos, YouTubers show off their gaming skills. Some gaming channels do show players’ faces alongside the gameplay, but this isn’t necessary. The focus of these videos should be on the impressive and fun video game action, so build your skills and no one needs to see your face!

Product Demos and Reviews

Product demonstrations and review videos highlight exciting products, so these channels are easy to run without showing your face. Instead, share your experiences with the product you’re reviewing. To choose a niche for your demo videos, find the type of product you’re most excited about. From tools to sports equipment to art supplies to children’s toys, almost every type of product can be reviewed without showing your face. Just stay away from makeup, hair products, and other items that would require showing your face.

Stock Videos

Moving along on our list of faceless niche ideas, we have stock videos.  Stock videos are versatile video snippets that can be used in many other videos. Think about clips from a travel montage in a movie, where the main character looks out a train window, walks down a scenic city street, and sits by the banks of a river. Each of these clips is an example of a stock video.

You can make stock videos of average scenes from your daily life. Interesting clips of your commute, neighborhood, pets, or even home are perfect for stock videos! Allow your videos to be reused by other YouTubers for credit or ad revenue, and your stock channel can explode in popularity.

Copyright-Free Music

Similar to making stock videos, you can also post reusable music clips to your channel. Other creators love copyright-free music channels where they can find soundtracks for their videos. Whether you play an instrument or learn how to create digital music, a music channel showcases your songs and not your identity.

Art Videos

YouTube is a creative community, and members love watching each other create. If you’re artistic, an art channel is a great way to build a YouTube presence without ever showing your face. Established artists can simply film their creative process. Whether you work in a digital format or put pen or paint to paper, people will enjoy watching you make art.

If you’re new to art, don’t let that stop you from starting an art channel. Try doodles, abstract watercolors, modeling clay sculptures, or even put a funny slant on your lack of skills with a purposefully bad art channel.

Educational Content

There are many wildly successful educational YouTube channels where the videos are filled with stock videos and a simple voice-over.  For example, you can create book summary videos – think about all of the students searching for a breakdown on Romeo and Juliet!  You could create animal or nature videos.  From close encounters with animals to the world’s highest mountains, these evergreen videos have been and always will be entertaining and popular.

Fan Theories

If you’ve ever been obsessed with a book, movie, TV show, or video game series, you know that fan theories can easily take over your brain. Showcase all of your personal interpretations and start your own fan theories channel. The focus is entirely on your ideas, so you don’t need complicated editing skills—or a face on camera. Instead, just describe your favorite theories and share your evidence with your fellow fans using royalty-free videos along with your voice.

Celebrity News & Entertainment

If you love keeping up with the latest celebrity news, starting a celebrity news channel might be the YouTube niche for you. Celebrity news videos can be similar to fan theories because you’re sharing your own ideas based on the evidence you can find. Your celebrity news & entertainment channel can share the latest stories on the biggest stars, follow up-and-coming celebrities, or even announce album drops and movie release dates. The focus is all on other people’s lives, so you can keep your own face off-screen.

POV Videos

In a point-of-view video, the viewer is watching what the creator is seeing. POV videos are popular in sports, outdoors, and adventure niches. Creators can mount a camera to their helmets or chests and give you a first-hand look at climbing mountains, riding rollercoasters, racing motorcycles, and lots more.  Alternatively, a POV channel doesn’t need to be extreme! You can also consider soothing POV videos such as peaceful hikes, shopping trips, and playing with pets.

Did any of these faceless niche ideas stand out?  Will you give them a try?  If so, let us know in the comments and be sure to check out the eStoreKings YouTube channel for more content inspiration and marketing ideas.

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