Instagram Reel Ideas for Small Businesses

10 Instagram Reel Ideas for Small Businesses

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Instagram reels – and short-form content in general like TikTok videos and YouTube Shorts – have grown incredibly popular since their first inception and are now flooding social media platforms. With a little bit of planning and creativity, Instagram reels can present a new way for businesses to gain attention from their followers and new audiences.  This can lead to more sales and a stronger online presence.

If you’d like to create more reels but are having a hard to thinking of new ideas, we’ve got you covered. Let’s have a look at a variety of Instagram reel ideas for your small business that will have your account buzzing and your content at the top of the explore page.

Instagram Reel Ideas That Are Perfect For Small Businesses


Show Some Behind The Scenes Action

People buy from your company, they purchase your products, they talk to customer service and they interact with your content; but do they really know your brand? Think about it, they’re just seeing the curated glimpses on social media that you allow them to see. You want your followers to feel like they’re part of a community and more so, you want them to feel like they truly know you.

Show the sides of your brand that are more raw or share the parts of your day that aren’t part of the perfect, curated content that you had planned for the week. Show them a glimpse of reality; photoshoots in the making, products getting made, the thought and planning that go into each product. Something that shows them the real and raw side of your brand beyond the little squares that they see in their feed.

Introduce The Team 

People love to see who’s behind the products they love so much. Take a walk around the office and film your team doing what they do best at their job. With a touch of editing, you can post it to your feed and let your followers meet the team behind the brand. If you’re a smaller business that doesn’t have a team or only has a couple of employees, you can still do it! 

Share a video showing yourself and all the different jobs that you tackle. Highlight the things you love about being a solo entrepreneur or a smaller team. Trust us, people love to see people running companies and how they get it all done. It’s pretty impressive to run a business by yourself or with only a few people. Doing this will not only build a more intimate relationship with your audience but it will likely inspire them, too!

Packing Orders 

One of the most interesting and popular Instagram reel ideas is to show how your products are packed and prepared for shipping. The process of packing orders is fascinating to followers and many people find it interesting and satisfying to watch. Some companies even give shoutouts while their packing a product which is always exciting for the customer.  While you need to be mindful of privacy and not use last names, Instagram followers watch for their name and it may even encourage some new followers to purchase from you!

Tips and Tricks 

Tips and tricks are always excellent reels ideas as they are both entertaining and informative. As a leader in the space, you can create tips and tricks that align with your industry and, of course, your products.  When your audience sees your product in action, they can envision themselves using it which can lead to more sales.  Plus, people love helpful social media posts, and those that offer them value are especially liked!

Show Followers A Sneak Peek 

Sharing a sneak peek of an upcoming product or event is a great way to build up excitement. Share a reel showing just a small, short glimpse of what’s to come. It should be short enough that it doesn’t give too much away, but long enough that it piques the curiosity of followers and makes them want to see more. It can be a new website launch, a new product line or even an upcoming sale!

Answer Your Most Common FAQs

Usually, businesses will have DMs and inboxes filled with the same set of questions. It can be time-consuming to answer every single question individually, so why not answer them all at once? A reel FAQ, where you answer the most commonly asked questions from followers, can be helpful to followers and future customers alike.

How It Started VS. How It’s Going 

Hopping on internet trends, when done creatively, can be a fun and impactful way to share new content. Not only does it show that your brand is current and up-to-date with the latest trends but you can also experience and untick in engagement since you can piggy back off of a popular hashtag or set of keywords.  And, this is true for both personal and business accounts. Joining in on the “How it started vs. how it’s going” trend by creating a reel can showcase how your business has evolved into the business that your customers have grown to love. It’ll be a blast for you to watch old clips of yourself and your business, too.

Show Off Your Products 

At the end of the day, your business needs to make sales.  So, sharing Instagram reels that highlight your products is a must.  Whether that’s by showing your products displayed on a shelf, being used or even being sold, you want to entice your followers to purchase by featuring your products.

Collab with Another Business or Influencer

Instagram has introduced a new “Invite Collaborator” feature where you can join forces with another Instagram account when posting reels. Found under the Tag People option, you can invite someone to collaborate with you which will post your reel on their Instagram profile as well as yours.  This is great if you can get an influencer to use your product or if you support other like-minded businesses.

Mini Vlog Style Reels 

Marketing is much more personal than it used to be.  Customers want to feel like they are a part of your journey and want to know more about the person behind the brand.  You can build a more trusting and intimate relationship with your audience by creating mini vlog-style reels.  This could include making your morning coffee, running errands, and so on. And, it doesn’t have to be perfect! The idea is to document and share a small glimpse of your day.

That’s it for our list of some great Instagram Reel ideas to spice up your Instagram feed.  For more social media marketing tips and inspiration, be sure to subscribe to the eStoreKings YouTube channel.

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