How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

A well-designed and highly-optimized website is not the only thing you need to sell your products. It’s only the beginning. Spending extra time on each product page is a must and that additional attention will set you up for success. This means including high-quality product images and a very strong product description. After all, what you say about your product is what encourages your customers to purchase.
With 85% of consumers doing their due diligence and researching online before purchasing most products, we need to give them the information that they are looking for. Here are a few ways to write a better product description and boost your sales:
Research Your Audience
Before you start writing, think about the end user. Knowing a little bit more about who you’re writing for makes all the difference. Delve deeper into your analytics and check out your audience and their demographics. How old are they? Where do they live? What type of device are they viewing your product on? These questions and more can all be answered by looking at your Google Analytics. The tone of your copy and even the words you choose to use will differ depending on your audience and their demographics.
Don’t Forget to Check for Mistakes
This should almost go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many companies make this costly mistake. According to an entrepreneur named Charles Duncombe and an analysis of website figures, a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half. After dedicating time and effort to crafting the perfect product description, it literally takes seconds to check for spelling and grammar suggestions. An easy-to-use review tool such as Grammarly can save you from making unnecessary mistakes.

Skip the Fluff
Don’t fill your description up with a bunch of filler text. If your product is pretty self-explanatory, such as a t-shirt, you may not need to add much detail outside of the materials used to make the shirt. The photos of the product will do most of the talking for you. In some cases, it’s okay to keep it short and sweet. After all, a basic white tee is pretty straightforward.
Describe the Value
Always include the benefit for the customer. Why should they purchase your product? What’s in it for them? Why should they choose you over a competitor? And, most importantly, what problem is your product solving? A successful eStore always provides value and emphasizing that in your product description is essential to making the sale.
Product Descriptions that Sell
Add Sensory Words
It’s long been acknowledged that sensory words help to sell products as they require more brain processing power. So, feel free to use all of the smooth, velvety, crisp, and bright words that you can think of while writing your product descriptions!
Make It Easy to Scan
Most people only quickly scan over a product description. I know, that hurts after you’ve given your description such thought and consideration. Your customer will be skimming through for important details. So, don’t forget to include them in a prominent place and use good old fashioned techniques such as bullet points as well as bolding and underlining text.
Product Descriptions that Sell

Learning how to write a strong product description that sells can require a lot of practice and research. Put in the extra effort and make adjustments over time as you see which product descriptions have the most impact. You’ll find yourself well on your way to writing excellent product descriptions in no time.

BONUS Product Page Tips
Try including the following to maximize your product page and increase your sales:

  • Shipping options (delivery, in-store pickup, shipping)
  • Variant dropdowns (size, color, etc)
  • Sale price
  • Availability (is this item in stock?)
  • Assembly instructions if there are any
  • Video of the product
  • Reviews
  • Return & exchange information
  • Social share buttons (so that customers can share your awesome product!)
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