10 Best-Selling Printful Products

Print-on-Demand Products

With Printful, building a print-on-demand store has never been easier. And, with barely any risk – thanks to not having to keep inventory – it’s also never been more affordable. By adding Printful products to your Shopify store, your Etsy shop or any other popular Printful integration, you open up a world of possibilities.

Every year, Printful continues to add more and more items to its product catalog which allows you to offer more options for your customers. Let’s have a look at some of the best-selling Printful product categories that you can start selling today!

Top Printful Products

Hats & Beanies

Custom-made hats are a very popular item when it comes to print-on-demand. From Dad hats to snapbacks to trucker hats, you can personalize these products by adding custom embroidery in several areas. Printful hats can be created using flat, 3d, or partial embroidery options.

Thanks to their popular nature, hats are always in high demand. Adding them to your print-on-demand store offers customers a relatively affordable add-on product and increases cross-selling opportunities. Hats also appeal to a wide audience. From young children to adults, and everyone from every walk of life, hats are a necessity when facing the elements all while acting as a globally recognized fashion statement.


Printful offers a wide variety of different bags including tote bags, duffle bags, fanny packs, drawstring bags, and handbags. Once customized with your unique designs, they make for a perfect addition to any print-on-demand store. Depending on the bag, you can utilize embroidery or all-over print techniques. All-over print allows you to cover an entire piece of material with a design of your choice. In many cases, patterns are used in all-over print as seen on the duffle bag below.

Bags are ideal for year-round sales. While they may increase in sales throughout the back-to-school season, many people need to purchase a new bag as older bags break or become worn out.


Mugs make for a great gift especially when they’re personalized! Add your designs to Printful’s glossy mugs – available in both black and white – their enamel mugs, travel mugs, and white ceramic mugs with color found inside.

As an evergreen product, mugs prove to be an easy upsell time and time again. They are easy to ship, highly customizable, and maintain universal appeal.

Phone Cases

Print-on-demand cell phone cases are easy to customize and can lead to a higher average order value thanks to the lower price point. Add your company’s logo to increase brand awareness or cover your phone cases with a modern pattern to hop on recent design trends.

Phone cases are lightweight and easy to ship. Plus, since phone owners are frequently looking to swap out an older case, you can expect return visitors, looking out for the latest styles. Printful offers a selection of phone cases including clear cases, tough/hard cases, and snap cases for both iPhone and Samsung.


As one of the most commonly sold Printful products, t-shirts come in all shapes, shades and sizes. Depending on the brand, you can go anywhere from XS to 5XL. That’s in addition to the infant, toddler, child and youth sizes available through Printful.

Offer your customers a wide variety of shirts including crewneck t-shirts, v-necks, tri-blend, oversized shirts, fitted shirts, all-over print t-shirts, curved hem, breathable athletic tops, and more.

    Sweaters & Hoodies

    Stylish sweaters and comfy hoodies are a staple in just about anyone’s closet. It’s no wonder they’re a popular choice amongst shoppers. With Printful, you can offer a wide variety of different styles including crewnecks, zip-ups, cropped hoodies, all-over print, fleece pullovers, and tie-dye.

    These Printful products typically have higher price points, making for a larger profit margin. Sweaters and hoodies also have broad appeal as they are an attractive purchase for people of all ages and genders.


    As print-on-demand businesses have evolved, so has Printful’s product catalog. Go beyond tops and offer bottoms, too! Your customers will love Printful’s joggers, leggings, athletic shorts, swim trunks, skirts, and more.

    Adding bottoms to your online store diversifies your product offering which can open up more cross-sell and bundle opportunities. Consider making matching sets of clothing that can be purchased together as a set. This will help you stand out and will surely increase your average order value (AOV).


    Postcards, notebooks, stickers, greeting cards, calendars, wrapping paper – what more could you ask for?

    Print-on-demand is no longer limited to just clothing. Add stationery products to your online store to appeal to a more niche audience and accommodate shoppers looking for gift ideas. This can lead to additional sales, especially during holidays and special occasions.

    Home Decor

    Home decor is a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s only expected to keep growing. Take part in this worldwide shopping frenzy by adding popular Printful products to your online store such as blankets, pillows, candles, napkins, placemats, and more. You can also offer seasonal and holiday items such as stockings and tree ornaments.

    Adding home decor goods to your print-on-demand store – whether that be through a tool like Shopify or Etsy – enhances your overall product offering while staying on top of trends and taking advantage of high sales often seen throughout the holidays and other peak shopping seasons.

    Wall Art

    Wall art puts the ‘print’ in print-on-demand! Cater to a wider audience by adding posters, framed posters, canvas prints, flags, and metal prints to your product catalog.

    Plus, designing wall art that will be displayed in homes all around the world is extremely rewarding. Imagine your designs bringing joy to people every day!

    For more Printful products, inspiration, and how-to videos, be sure to check out our Printful Tutorials page.

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