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Best-Selling Shopify Themes on Envato Market in 2021

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In the video above, we take a look at Envato Market’s top-selling Shopify themes that you can use on your Shopify store. We also cover different tips and what to look for while choosing a Shopify theme on Envato Market.

Shopify Themes

1. Ella Shopify Theme

Smooth, simple, and versatile, Ella is the all-in-one Shopify theme you need to streamline your business. The #1 Best Selling Shopify Theme on Envato will keep your e-commerce shop current through the ‘product first’ look and feel of each layout.

Ella boasts over 17 Homepage Layouts and Skins, you can customize your Shopify site and tailor it to your specific needs. With over 16 refreshing and diverse Child Themes, your Shopify store will perfectly reflect your brand’s unique voice, pushing you to the front of the competition.

This template is optimized for mobile users, allowing a smooth and satisfying shopping experience no matter where your customers come from. Watch your sales and business grow with Ella!

2. Wokiee Shopify Theme

Don’t be satisfied with the basic look and feel of a simple theme. Wokiee is the top choice for the Shopify user who knows what they want. This powerful UX gives you the tools to bring your vision to life through a personalized Content Management System.

Wokiee is a dynamic and robust Shopify theme, acting as your own exclusive design team without all the extra costs. Customizing your user experience has never been so easy. Your e-commerce site will blossom under the flexibility and wide array of choices Wokiee provides.

With consistent updates and new content rollouts, you know that Wokiee will keep pace with your ever-growing business. Over 86 homepage layouts will help your site stand out from the crowd. A powerful mind deserves equally powerful options.

3. Fastor Shopify Theme

The world moves fast, and you deserve a Shopify template that knows how important streamlining is for your business. Fastor is one of the best templates out there when it comes to boosting page speed and quickly building your site.

Have your eCommerce site up and running “fastor” than ever with the One-Click Installation. But don’t walk away thinking your site will look like all the rest; over 95 skins keeps your Shopify store distinct and true to your brand. And, 11 Product Page Layouts give you the power to decide how you want your products to be displayed, boosting sales and highlighting what makes your business unique.

Fastor is optimized for cutting-edge Shopify features such as AR support and 3D object display. Clicks turn into profit as your customer base tests out how your product looks in their home, seeing first-hand what a great fit you are in their lives.

4. Shella Shopify Theme

Shella provides a deluxe experience with over 99 pre-designed pages, Mega Menu Builder, and True Filter. You’ll love how easy the design process is and your customers will keep coming back for both your product and the all-encompassing shopping experience.

Skip the extra apps – all the features you need are already fully integrated into this intuitive template. With multi-platform reach, Shella provides a complete top-down integration through Instagram widgets and Youtube videos.

The SEO optimization and their unlimited options make Shella the perfect fit for your eCommerce site. Going worldwide has never been so easy, expanding your reach with all the internet has to offer.

5. Porto Shopify Theme

Bring your Shopify store into the modern age with Porto, one of the best cutting-edge Shopify themes in the market. Constantly updating and moving forward, Porto never stops improving and designing features you need to keep your store relevant and unique.

The over 20 demos are clean and modern, with new content released regularly. Keep your site streamlined and easy-to-use, both for your customers and yourself through the quick and intuitive design process.

This Shopify store theme boasts ultra-high retina capabilities for the perfect photo finish. Your customers will be impressed with the quality of your product and your site with Porto’s unlimited Header Types, Color Options, Custom Blocks. Simple has never been sleeker.

Which theme is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below.  And, be sure to check out the eStoreKings YouTube channel for more Shopify Themes as well as reviews and eCommerce tutorials.

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