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Types of Digital Products to Sell Online

Selling online unlocks a ton of potential for profit for any business. Before you open a store, you’ve got to have sufficient inventory and that isn’t always feasible.

An alternative to selling physical products would be to sell digital products. Digital goods can be any number of things.  And, there are some major advantages to selling digital products as opposed to selling physical products.  For one thing, when dealing with digital products, there is essentially an unlimited quantity – the file you are selling never runs out.   Plus, you don’t need to charge shipping for it either.

Types of Digital Products to Sell Online


Ebooks rank as one of the most popular types of digital goods. They don’t have to be very long, and they can be on just about any topic. People write about how to start blogs, how to master certain marketing strategies, how to learn a professional skill, and more.


Courses are incredibly popular online. People just love being able to learn at home in their pajamas. Everyone needs to know more, right? But we’re busy. An e-course lets you study without driving to class and getting caught up in the chatter that so easily distracts people who are trying to learn.

Types of Digital Products


Everyone and their dog needs a website these days.  Coding and building websites for clients can be one of the most lucrative avenues when it comes to making money online.  Although this is considered more of a service, you can pre-build websites and then sell them in web marketplaces such as Shopify Exchange.

Types of Digital Products

Apps and Plugins

Coders everywhere can rejoice at the number of apps and plugins that are purchased online. Code fuels the automated business world, and it’s a good thing in most regards. People use apps and plugins as part of their day-to-day routine, so there is a ton of market share available for the right concept.

Types of Digital Products


Templates make everything so much easier! Think resumes, reports, social media posts and more.  One of the best places to browse and use templates are Canva and Creative Market.

Swipe Files

Swipe files are files that contain lists of an expert’s unknown secrets to success. They might be phrases to use indirect copywriting or a methodology for a marketing funnel. They are like hacks for games but in real life.

Swipe files don’t have to be long buy they can be one of the highest-value items you offer.

Graphic Design Illustrations

People need illustrations and other designs to create blog posts, newspaper ads, social media posts and more. Graphic design illustrations help to do this. They are usually in vector format, which means that they scale to any size. Flourishes, illustrations, backgrounds, wallpapers, and special bullets are all great design products to carry.

Types of Digital Products

Stock Photography

The internet just can’t get enough of great photographs. You’re more likely to earn with this avenue if you take high-level photographs that are unique. Many people say that the best images tell a story. And, with photography and the types of photos you’d like to sell, anything goes. But, in general, rare photographs make more money.


The internet wouldn’t be the same if it were all Times New Roman. Fonts keep our brains alert and our text readable. The study of fonts can be quite intense, and there’s a lot to know. But in general, there are special fonts for use in graphic design as opposed to other uses. There is a high demand for fonts that work with photographs and illustrations in the modern age.

Types of Digital Products


Sell tickets online, like any of the big boys. They can be to plays, concerts, a speech, or an event.

Consulting & Coaching

Maybe people are selling their expertise online.  But, sometimes, a recorded video or eCourse won’t cut it and customers will want to be able to book you and your time.  You can sell consulting or coaching time slots and meet via Zoom call.


Membership Sites 

If you have a great site, you can password-protect it and earn money on the membership. Think of it like a gym membership for your brain. Provide access through a monthly or annual fee.  You can unlock items such as tutorials, blog posts and even products that are paid for non-members like PDF downloads.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes take a little updating and you’ll have to provide support and therefor require more effort but they are a great product to sell. People are always updating their website designs, so there’s no shortage of demand for new themes. This is actually a large market, with all kinds of trends to follow and design standards to work with. Be prepared for some research. You’ll likely enjoy it if you are a coder.

Types of Digital Products


Printables can be something as basic as colouring pages or something as complex as market reports that people share at meetings. Essentially, they are another way to self-publish on the internet. They’re really useful, and you can sell a lot of them.

Types of Digital Products 


Craft patterns seem to be an ever-growing niche market. They can be for just about everything, from doll clothes to scrapbooking to quilts. They also take some user testing, but they are a lot of fun.

Types of Digital Products

These types of digital products are all great ways to make money online. Pick one that works for you as you start out, but don’t stop at one! Many blog coaches and business coaches encourage people with an online presence to pursue multiple income streams. Have fun and reach as many people as you can.

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