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20 Effective Marketing Words and Phrases

When it comes to making an impact with your marketing campaigns, language is everything. In order to make the most out of the marketing real estate you have, whether online or in print, your word choice should first and foremost reflect your brand and what you can offer to your customers. Once that is established, there are certain keywords and phrases that can be very useful in enhancing your message and increasing conversion rates. Use these effective marketing words and phrases the next time you’re planning a sales campaign.

  • Last Chance: This term aims to inspire urgency for the customer, and should be used accurately, meaning only in cases where a deal or sale is ending, and not every day. It is also most effective when the product or service has already established its quality.
  • No Obligation: When crafting marketing or sales emails, potential customers may feel pressure to buy when seeking more information. Set them at ease with this phrase.
  • Free: Don’t underestimate the power of this word; few things compare than getting something at no cost.
  • Money back guarantee: Phrases like this work well because they eliminate any risk for a more hesitant customer to purchase a product.
  • Introducing: At a certain point, customers will have received similar marketing emails a number of times. This word is powerful in pointing out something they haven’t seen yet and might be more interested in.


  • Right now: Harnessing a customer’s immediate interest and make the difference in closing a sale. This phrase is great if the next step is available to them immediately.
  • The: It might seem strange that the most commonly used article in English is this important, but in the context of marketing it is. It means your product or service is “the” product or service – the only one your customer needs to know.
  • Guarantee: No matter how you use this word, it shows your customers that you will work with them until they are satisfied.
  • Proven: Make sure to combine this with evidence that shows your methodology is proven, such as customer referrals or statistics.
  • You: Evidence shows that the more personalized the marketing, the more effective, so make sure to address exactly who you’re speaking to.
  • How to: If your business specializes in a service, illustrate exactly how your process differs from the competition and can help your customers.
  • Opportunity: Rather than focusing directly on selling someone something, this word engages them in their participation in a partnership that will benefit both parties.
  • Savings: People who are about to spend money want to know that it is in the interest of saving more money, time, or effort in the future.

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  • Never: Highlight the differences between your claims and those of your competitiors or business as usual with this powerful word.
  • Discover: Another word that invites the customer into a partnership rather than simply selling to them.
  • Value: When offering a discount or a great deal, be sure to not only focus on the savings, but the original value of the product.
  • Premium/Elite: These can be incredibly powerful in the right context, but be sure you know your audience before deploying them.
  •  Join: This word allows your customer to see themselves as joining a community of likeminded people.
  •  Busy: Let your customer know that you understand how busy they are, and you don’t intend to waste their time.
  • Thank you: The most important way to end any marketing content is to thank readers for their time.
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