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Work Faster with Canva Shortcut Keys

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Working faster and smarter is essential to your productivity. One “key” way of doing this is by learning shortcut keys.

So let’s go over 23 different types of shortcut keys that you can use in Canva.  Keep in mind, if you’re on a MAC, you’re going to use the CMD key instead of CTRL.

How to edit text

Bold Text – To quickly bold the text on your document use CTRL + B

Italicize Text – To italicized your text use CTRL + I

Underline Your Text – CTRL + U is the fastest way to underline your text.

Transform Your Text To Uppercase- If you’re looking to change lower case text to upper case press SHIFT + CTRL + K.

How to copy, paste, and duplicate text

Copy/Paste – To quickly and easily copy some text, hit CTRL + C and then hit CTRL + V to paste

Duplicate – If you want to duplicate the text simply hit CTRL + D

Delete An Item – To delete an item click on it and simply press backspace.

How to undo and redo steps

Undo – CTRL + Z

Redo – CTRL + Y

How to select and multi-select items

Select All – To select all items on the screen, you can use CTRL + A

Multi-Select – To select multiple items at the same time, use SHIFT + CLICK

How to nudge and move items

Nudge An Item – To nudge an item on the screen you simply need to use the ARROW Keys

Move An Item – If you want to move the item that you’ve selected you can use SHIFT + Arrow Keys to make the item move over faster than simply nudging it

Move The Item Forward –  To move text or graphics forwards you can click CTRL + ]

Move The Item Backward – To move text or graphics backward click CTRL + [

How to resize your workspace

Resize Text/Graphics From Center – Alt + Drag

Zoom In – To zoom in on your workspace use CTRL + PLUS KEY

Zoom Out – To zoom out use CTRL + MINUS KEY

Fit Workspace To Screen – To fit your workspace to screen use ALT + CTRL + 0

It may take a little time to get used to these different Canva shortcut keys but once you do, you’ll find that in no time your work is being done with more efficiency and this takes away the stress of feeling like you aren’t being productive enough.

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