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How to Add a Coming Soon Page to Your WordPress Website

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How to add a coming soon page to WordPress

Once in your WordPress admin, hover over Plugins and click on Add New. Then, search for a plugin called “IgniteUp – Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode”. Click on the Install Now button to install the plugin.

Once the plugin is done installing, click on the Activate button. Click on the General tab and then enable the plugin. Be sure to check off your user role (ie, Administrator) so that you can bypass this page when working on your website.

To choose a different template than the default coming soon page, click on Templates in the left-hand menu under IgniteUp. Click the Activate button on the template that you would like to use.

Next, you’ll need to customize your coming soon page by clicking on Customize. Go through the settings and make updates according to your needs such as your logo, background image and text. To test your changes, click on the Preview button.

To add social media icons and links, click on the Common Options tab.

Once you are happy with your coming soon page, click on the Save Changes button.  And, since you already enabled the coming soon page, it’s now live!

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