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Help with Choosing a Business Name

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When getting started on Shopify, you may already have a business name.  If you don’t, there is a lot of help online to assist you in finding a name.  Take the Shopify Business Name Generator, for example.  Simply enter a word that you’d like to include in your business name and let the business name generator do all the work!

Choosing a business name is very important for many reasons, of course.  A few things to consider when choosing a business name:

  • Is it easy to spell?  This will make it easier for people to search for and find you online.
  • Is the domain name available?  You can search domain names by clicking here.
  • Are the social media handles available?

Using Shopify’s Business Name Generator is a great place to start in choosing your business name.  But, do take the time to run over options and decide what’s best for you and your business.

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