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How to Add a Logo to Your Shopify Store

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Add a logo to amplify your brand

Adding a logo to your Shopify store helps your customers to recognize your brand and tells them they’re in the right place. It also adds a layer of professionalism and shows that you take your business and online identity seriously.

How to add a logo to Shopify

By default, the logo area of your Shopify store will be replaced by the name of your store, written in text.  To upload a logo onto your Shopify store, head over to your Shopify admin.

  1. Click on Online Store.
  2. On the right-hand side of the screen, click on the green Customize button.
  3. Next, click on the Header section.
  4. After you open the Header section in the left-hand side panel, find Logo Image and click on Select Image. Browse through your files to find the image you want to upload.
  5. Upload your image and then click on the image itself to select it. Click Select.
  6. You can then change the size of the logo by dragging the Custom Logo Width toolbar to adjust the size. Once you settle on the size you want, click Save.

Now, if you open your Shopify store in a new tab, you should see the logo in your header.

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