Businesses That Are Thriving During COVID-19

Three Businesses That Are Thriving During COVID-19

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While many businesses are facing uncertainty, here are some examples of how businesses are thriving during COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused hundreds of businesses to suffer and have forced many business owners to make life-changing decisions about their company. Every business is wondering how they’ll manage to survive this dreadful period and each one is trying to think of new ways to keep their company afloat. It’s hard to think that there are businesses thriving during COVID-19.

Brick and mortar stores have taken the brunt of the financial impact. With nations calling for physical distancing, going into lockdown, and some even going as far as closing all non-essential businesses, companies have been cut-off from the foot-traffic they rely on.

Without customers, countless companies have been forced to close temporarily or even go out of business. The ones that are surviving, and even thriving, have one thing in common: they have taken their business online. 

While many businesses are struggling to stay afloat, those that already had an e-store in place before the quarantine saw a huge spike in online revenue. Businesses who quickly adapted by launching an online store, thanks in part to Shopify’s 90-day free trial, found themselves gaining customers they never reached before. Companies that have figured out innovative ways to still reach their customers digitally are winning during a global economic downturn.

Here’s a short list of businesses that are thriving during COVID-19 because they have found creative ways to still serve their customers despite the pandemic. 

Taking Namaste Digital

Around the world gyms, dance and yoga studios are rapidly closing. Although it may seem impossible for these types of businesses to still be running after the virus is over, some of them have found effective ways to remain open, even when their class can’t come to the studio. 

Empower ME Yoga, a yoga studio dependent on in-person classes, has instead found a way to rise above the current situation. The studio has begun to offer online classes to their community. 

The studio’s website offers a detailed explanation of how their members can still get the most out of their yoga membership. The studio’s list of online classes is constantly growing as more teachers take their class digital. Teachers deliver yoga sessions through an app and members are given a link that takes them directly to individual classes. 

Online yoga studio

Premium Shopify Themes

Every business is having to adjust to the new normal. Setting up an effective online program is the key for service-driven businesses to overcome the impact of the pandemic. This yoga studio is the perfect example of how to still serve your customers online. 

Paint By Order Numbers

Physical distancing has limited people’s access to most stores. With the government calling for more people to stay inside, this has quickly limited people from shopping for non-essentials. 

Sanctuary Paint has found a way to keep their customers happy without them having to step foot in the store. This home improvement store has taken advantage of the internet and has launched an e-store. Their customers can now buy paint online and have products sent straight to their home for free

They have also begun “curbside pickup” where a paint employee will run a customer’s order to their car so that they don’t have to enter the store.

Sanctuary Paint's online paint store

Bringing the Restaurant Home

Many restaurants and small cafes depend on faithful customers coming back again and again to support them. However, with strict guidelines of physical distancing in place, even the most supportive customers aren’t able to support their favourite local eateries. 

The pizza restaurant Mr. Mozzarella has gotten creative while they keep their company alive during this difficult time. This favourite pizzaria uses their social media platform to fill in their long-time customers on business changes due to coronavirus. 

They’ve begun to promote and offer “Make Your Own Pizza Kits”. They’ve advertised these as an excellent way to keep the whole family occupied while providing an easy dinner solution. And we have to agree, making pizza is fun and tasty! 

The company also offers “contactless delivery”. The delivery person will simply leave food at a customer’s front door. Customers will be notified that their food has arrived once the delivery person is safely in their car. Not only does this keep employees safe, but their customers as well. This is the perfect way for customers to maintain a physical distance and support a local business.

Mr. Mozzarella social media

What other businesses have you seen thrive during COVID-19?

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