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How to Design YouTube Thumbnails

If you are building a YouTube channel, it’s important to make sure that your branding is professional and on point.  This includes designing YouTube thumbnails that are:

  1. Attractive & Appealing: As viewers scroll through hundreds of videos on YouTube, you want to stand out, of course!  Designing a professional thumbnail that is appealing to the eye is sure to get your more clicks.
  2. Easy to Read: Use larger text and a clean font so that your text is easy to read especially since most viewers are only going to quickly skim through the text as they browse through a long list of videos.
  3. Uniform with Your Brand: Your brand needs to be recognizable.  Have your thumbnails, channel art and videos carry the same overall design so that your subscribers instantly know that any given piece of content is yours.  That means, use the same fonts & colours and, where appropriate, include your logo and/or icon.

If you’d like to design YouTube Thumbnails, you can do so with Placeit very quickly and easily with absolutely no design background.  Placeit offers thousands of templates including YouTube thumbnails, video intros, channel art, mockups, social media templates and more.  Click here to get a special eStoreKings discount of 15% off of a new membership.

Design YouTube Thumbnails Using Placeit

From the top menu, hover over Designs and then select YouTube Templates.

Then, click on the dropdown menu at the top of the page and click on Thumbnails.

Have a look through the list of thumbnails that Placeit provides.  To view different previews, simply hover over the different thumbnails.  Once you see one that you like, click on it to edit it.

On the left-hand side, you can edit, add and remove text.  You can also upload your logo although it is optional.

On the right-hand side of the page, you can play around with things like colours used, graphics and images.

Note that you can quickly and easily resize and reposition elements on your YouTube Thumbnails by clicking on them and then dragging them around.

Once you are happy with your brand new YouTube thumbnail design, simply click on the Download button and save the image to your computer.

And, that’s it!  Designing YouTube thumbnails in Placeit is very easy to do.  If you don’t already have a Placeit account, sign up for one here.

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