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What is Printful and how does print-on-demand work?

Printful. This on-demand fulfillment and warehouse service takes care of the order details that come with running an eCommerce store. Printful will print and fill your orders, and then ship them to their destination.  You no longer need to keep inventory in a warehouse or ship products out to your customers all by yourself.  With Printful, you can start an online store with no inventory.

Outside services are helping online businesses to provide a seamless process to their customers. Without the need to take care of every step and every function on their own, eCommerce business owners are able to offer better and more useful customer service. They have the ability to focus solely on the aspects of their business that they are passionate about such as design.

How does Printful work?

With Printful, you simply sign up for free and connect your online store. When your customers purchase products from you, Printful receives the order and sets about fulfilling and shipping it.

There are no minimum fees and no monthly fees when you design products and partner with Printful. In fact, you only pay when Printful fulfills an order, ensuring that you aren’t spending money for something with no guarantee of a return on your investment.

Printful only manufactures what is ordered so there is no waste, no excess, and no unnecessary printing. Most consumers today are mindful of doing business and supporting brands that have great values and that they can connect with.

One of the top cares of today’s consumers is consciousness, the environment, and unnecessary waste. As an eCommerce business that utilizes an outside print-on-demand service, you are showcasing your commitment to sustainability.

The Printful Process

When you Partner with Printful, all you need to do is connect your store in order to have access to all that Printful has to offer. Upload your designs or utilize Printful’s mockup generator so that you can design and craft your unique products.

Once you have crafted your product line, you will fill your online store to showcase all that you have to offer and set your prices. When you set your prices, keep in mind that your profit will end up being what is left over after Printful deducts their fee.

Use digital marketing tips and techniques in order to build your brand identity, make your store visible, and gain leads and conversions. As your leads turn into customers, sales will be made, which will be automatically sent to Printful for fulfillment and shipment.

Printful charges for every product that it prints and ships. The payment is deducted from the amount that the customer spent. Your profit ends up being whatever is left after Printful takes its fee.

Starting an eCommerce store can be a great idea, especially if you use Printful. With no startup costs and no required storefront or warehouse, you have the ability to make a huge ROI and become incredibly successful.

The market today has shifted and business has evolved. There is more freedom and creativity than ever before. So set forth, find your niche, craft your design, and partner with Printful for success.

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