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Printful Product Ideas: Non-Clothing Products

Print-on-demand has grown exponentially over the years and you can now sell much, much more than just clothing.

Below, you’ll find 10 different Printful products that you can sell that aren’t your standard, everyday pieces of clothing.

Pet ID Tags
According to, the pet industry will be a 350 BILLION industry by 2027. Thanks to the recent boom in pet ownership throughout the pandemic, total pet revenue growth has increased by 63%. Add products to your store like these custom engraved pet tags!

No matter what your customer’s personal style is, they can express it through custom engraved jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings are all products that you can customize and sell using Printful.

Obviously, mugs made our list. Mugs are very popular print-on-demand products and they never seem to go out of style.

Design and sell custom-made postcards. You can brand them with your logo and company colours or add your own artwork and sell creative-looking postcards.

Face Masks & Neck Gaiters
Printful offers all-over print face masks and neck gaiters that you can easily add to your online store. According to, the face mask market is set to surpass 21 Billion dollars by the year 2026. So, it’s no surprise that many stores, no matter what they’re selling, have started adding face masks to their catalogue. So, why not add them to your store?

Self-expression is important and that’s why consumers spend a good chunk of their paycheck on things that help them express their personality and individual style. Stickers are just another way that people can express themselves and customize their belongings.

Touch Tools
Your customers can open doors, pull objects and push buttons with an engraved touch tool. These little gadgets have become popular throughout the pandemic as you can complete small tasks without having to touch commonly used surfaces. Add your company logo, or add a quote to make this Printful product unique.

Wall Art
With Printful, you can add your designs and artwork to posters, framed posters and canvas. Custom home decor is all the rage right now and consumers are looking to shop outside of their usual big box stores for decorative wall art.

Customers are constantly shopping online to purchase gifts for the people in their lives. These aprons, complete with custom embroidery and handy pockets, are a great gift and the perfect addition to your online store.

Phone Cases
Again, the name of the game is customization and self-expression. Add your designs to a number of different phone cases and let your customers choose their favorite style.

Did we miss any Printful products that aren’t your typical article of clothing?  Leave your ideas in the comments!

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