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How to Design Mug Mockups

With Placeit, you can create professional-looking and realistic mug mockups in just a few clicks.  Placeit is widely known for their impressive mockup templates that are essential for any print-on-demand store or online business.  The Placeit mockup & template library is always growing and can really take your marketing to the next level.

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Design Mug Mockups in Placeit

In the top menu, click on Mugs under Mockups.

Then, browse through the different mug mockup options – there are hundreds of them!  You can use the filters to narrow down your search or simply scroll through to explore the different mockups.

To view a preview of what your mockup will look like, simply hover over the different options and watch the image change right before your eyes.

Depending on the mockup template, you may have the option to add text.  If you would like to add text, replace the current text with your own.  You will notice that you can also change the font, the font colour as well as the text background colour. Keep in mind that not all mockups include this text feature.

And, now for the cool part!  Upload your design by clicking on the Insert Image button.  You can resize and reposition your mug design to make it fit perfectly.  If you need to readjust the design at any point, click on the Resize button.

Next, change the mug colour by click on the Mug Color dropdown on the right.  In some mug mockup templates, you will also have the ability to change the background colour on your photo.

If you’re all done making changes to your mug mockup, go ahead and click on the Download button to save your brand new mockup to your computer.

See how fast that was?  With Placeit, you can design professional-looking mockups for your online store, social media marketing and more in just a few clicks. To view more Placeit tutorials, be sure to subscribe to the eStoreKings YouTube channel.

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