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How to Edit Menus in Shopify

As you add products and other content like pages and blog posts to your website, you’ll want to add them to your menus.  Navigation menus are most commonly found in the top header, sidebar and footer.  Editing a Shopify menu is pretty quick and easy.

  1. Click on Online Store in the left-hand menu and then click on Navigation.
  2. Click on the Menu you’d like to edit.
  3. To add to the menu, click on Add Menu Item.

If the item you’d like to add already exsits within your store (ie, a collection, a page or a product), start typing the name of the item in the Link field. As you start to type in the item, Shopify will show you different options that you can select.

If the item does not exist in Shopfiy (ie, an external link), simply type in your link Name and then add your URL to the Link field.

Now that you see your new item, you can drag and drop it higher up on the list if you’d like. To move it under an existing menu item, drag and hover over that menu item. It will then expand and you can drop your new item anywhere on the list.

Once you’re done with your edits, click on the Save Menu button at the bottom of the page. To remove a menu item, click on the trash can icon and click Remove.

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