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How to Create a Twitter Thread

Once logged into Twitter, press on the blue Tweet button. Start off by writing your first tweet. If you’d like, to indicate that this is a thread, you can put 1/10 depending on how many tweets will be included in this thread. You can only post up to 25 individual tweets so keep that in mind when creating your thread. You can also add the thread emoji to indicate this further.

Once you complete your first tweet, press on the button beside the Tweet button to add the next tweet to your thread. From there, add your second tweet and indicate this is the second tweet by putting 2/10 if you’d like. You can also add a gif or an image by clicking the icons found at the bottom left corner of the tweet.

Another thing you can do in the tweet is tag other accounts/businesses by using the @ sign. Hashtags can also be used. Keep pressing the + button to add as many tweets to your thread as you want.

Once you are done with your thread, click Tweet all. When posted, you will be able to see your thread posted on your Twitter account!

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