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How to Setup Automatic Discounts

Click on Discounts in the left-hand menu. Then, click on the Create Discount button in the top right corner of the page.

You can now choose from two options – Discount Code and Automatic Discount. In this tutorial, we will look at Automatic Discounts. To learn about regular discount codes that customers have to manually enter at checkout, click here.

Please note that customers can’t use two discounts on the same order. If you have an Automatic Discount setup, they will not be able to use a Discount Code.

First, enter a name for your automatic discount. Please note that customer will see this discount name.  Then, select the Type of discount.


Enter the percentage that you’d like to automatically give at checkout. You can apply this discount to an Entire Order, Specific Collections or Specific Products.  Next, select the Minimum Requirements (if any).

Fixed Amount

Enter the dollar amount in the Discount Value field and select wheter the discount applies to the Entire Order, Specific Collections or Specific Products. You can search for the specific collections or products using the search tool. You can check off “Only apply discount once per order” so that the customer can only use the discount once. Then, set the Minimum Requirements if there are any.

Buy X get Y

As an example, we have setup a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) offer below. If a customer buys a specific print, they get a specific print free. We have checked off “Set a maximum number of uses per order” so that a customer can only use it once per order.

Next, set your start and end dates. If you don’t want the discount code to expire, leave the Set End Date box unchecked. Otherwise, check it off and enter your end date.

That’s it! If you’re happy with the Summary found in the right-hand column of the page, click the Save button and you’re all set.

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