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How to Add Terms of Service to Your Shopify Store

A Terms of Service Agreement, or ToS, is a contract between you and your website visitors. This text outlines the ways in which your customers can use your website.

Click on Settings in the bottom left corner of your Shopify admin. Then, click on Legal.

Refund Policy in Shopify

Scroll down to the Terms of Service section. If you’d like to use the premade text provided by Shopify, simply click on the Create From Template button.

The only thing that may need changing is the email address located at the bottom of the Terms of Service text under Contact Information. Verify that the email address is correct and then click on Save.

Add Terms of Service to Your Shopify Store

Once finished, the Terms of Service will appear in the footer of your checkout pages.  Other legal pages that you will need to add to your Shopify store include a Refund Policy and Privacy Policy.

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