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How to Add Pages to Shopify Stores

Within your Shopify admin, click on Online Store in the left-hand menu and select Pages. From there, click on Add Page.

Next, add the Title of your page along with the text that you’d like to show on your page into the Content box.

Add Pages to Shopify Store

Similar to a Word document, you can format your text. For example, you can bold the text, make it italic, underline it and so on.

You can also add bulleted lists, upload images, embed videos and add hyperlinks.

Once you’ve added your content, simply click Save. You can then view your page by clicking on View Page.

Depending on your theme, you should see a few different template options when creating a page. Play around with the different templates by choosing one from the Template Suffix dropdown and then saving the page. Refresh the live page (mostly likely open in another tab) to see the new template applied.

Add Pages to Shopify Store

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