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Big News for e-Commerce: Shopify Extends Free Trial and Merchant Support in Wake of COVID-19

You may have heard the saying, “Things are tough all over.”. With the introduction and spread of COVID-19 to countries across the world, this saying speaks volumes. Our hearts go out to individuals and families directly affected by the virus. We know that, during this time, many businesses are struggling to make ends meet.

Every challenge brings an opportunity to do good, and this one is no different. Shopify, the ultimate resource & tool for selling, managing and shipping products, has launched several programs to help boost your online sales. For businesses who want to start selling online and for individuals that need to make extra cash during (as well as after) this difficult time, you’ll be happy to hear that Shopify is extending its 14-Day trial to 90 days.  This free 90-day Shopify trial gives you 3 MONTHS to setup and launch an online store!

With Shopify, you can create your very own website and will be ready to take and process orders before you know it! Shopify is very user-friendly and allows you to manage your orders and facilitates shipping and dropshipping orders. Whether it’s business-as-usual or creating new opportunities during the unusual situation created by COIVD-19, Shopify helps you to keep moving product.

Shopify’s Amped Up Support

Shopify wants to assist sellers in their time of need by taking the following steps:

  • Committing over $200 million to help merchants in 2020
  • Extending Shopify Capital by offering ways to fund your next business move and expanding into additional countries
  • Providing shipping on local in-store pick up orders
  • Furnishing delivery support for Shopify Point-of-Sale (POS) retailers
  • Enabling gift card support for all plans
  • Extending the free trial for new Shopify businesses and individuals to 90 days (formerly 14 days only)

What do these steps mean for merchants? Shopify is making an investment in its customers as a form of appreciation and support that makes good business sense for all. Shopify Capital can aid many merchants with loans to get them started or enable them to expand. The stepped-up efforts in shipping, delivery, and gift card sales allow businesses to maintain a level of sales that might be lost otherwise. Furthermore, it helps the populations by supporting social distance mandates. These steps all play a small part in flattening the curve.

New Free 90-Day Shopify Trial

The Free 90-day Shopify trial is key for anyone looking to keep their current business afloat by taking it online or for anyone who has found themselves stuck at home and out of a job. These new merchants can maintain the sales of an existing business, create opportunities for growth, or make it possible to launch online sales. Be sure to take advantage of the extended trial offer to get over the hump of potentially lost income during the coronavirus crisis.

Premium Shopify Themes

How Can I Expand my Reach During the COVID-19 Crisis?

The COVID-19 virus has people working from and sheltering at home. This means that they have more time to spend on the Internet and on social media. Many shoppers have changed their spending habits, increasing online shopping vs. travelling to a physical store. Those that do go out to their local retailers will look for businesses with online ordering using pick-up. Others will opt for convenient delivery. Shopify makes all of this possible, easy, and affordable for you.

With the ever increasing amount of physical stores closing throughout the world, shoppers are purchasing gift cards to show their support for their favorite retailers in hopes that they’ll be able to reopen once things return to “normal”.  Shopify is enabling gift card sales for all plans. With Shopify, you can satisfy this need and your customers.

Be Resourceful and Persistent

We can’t make the crisis go away.  It has taken a toll on just about everyone on a physical, emotional and financial level.  We hope that resources like online tutorials coupled with a FREE 90-Day Shopify trial will be the beginning of a new and very successful online store that will be beneficial to you both now and for years to come.

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